Donald Lyons

Profile Updated: March 8, 2010
Residing In: Laurel, DE USA
Children: Dale born 1981
Bobby born 1983
Anthony born 1991
Yes! Attending Reunion

Geez what have I been up to since 1974?
First off let me explain about the name, If you look at my facebook or any other internet presence you will find me listed as Tony Lyons. The only place I was ever called Donald was in Missouri, it's a long story but my dad and stepmoms idea when they obtained custody of me from my mom when I was 11.
Well I stayed in the neighborhood until 1976 when I moved to Columbia MO, originally to go to MU but that lasted only a semester. I had a job there cooking in one of the hotels. Lived in Columbia until 1979 when I moved to Omaha still working in the hotel business. Since only two people in Nebraska knew me I knew it was time to go back to being Tony without too much confusion. Anyway I lived in Omaha for two years when the restaurant I was working for transfered me to Atlanta in 1981. I met my first wife there and lived there for three years. My son Bobby was born there. In 1984 we decided it was time to move and picked up and moved to the eastern shore of Maryland (where I'm originally from). We were together for about three years before splitting up. She went to her home in PA and I moved to Daytona Beach. Florida didn't last too long so after about six months I picked up and moved back to Maryland. When I came back from Florida I also switched occupations and became a carpenter. In 1988 I met my current wife and we have been together ever since. Since she lived in Delaware we chose to live there. In 1991 my son Anthony was born. In 1994 my wife became disabled and I have been taking care of her since then. When we got together she already had a son Dale, he is mentally challenged and still lives with us. Anthony is a senior in high school this year. After several attempts over the years (Maple Woods, MU, and culinary classes at various places in 1999 I graduated from Delaware Tech with an AA degree in Early Childhood Education.
I still have hopes of going back and finishing up and getting a BA.
All in All it isn't too bad, I probably haven't been back to Kansas City since bout 1981 or so. I can't quite remember. I really haven't had any contact with anyone from school since then. My Dad retired to the Ozarks in the late 80's and lived there until he died. My sister (Jennifer class of 84) married a St. Louis boy she met at Rockhurst and moved there, so I have no family in the KC area. A few pics are here at this link:

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Donald Lyons has a birthday today.
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Donald Lyons has a birthday today.
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Donald Lyons has a birthday today.
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